Ibema Papelcartão - Environmental Responsibility
Image: Ibemapar planted forest area in Turvo - PR.

Environmental Responsibility

Due to its preoccupation with the future, Ibema is an environmentally responsible institution. The company has been an example of how it can be competitive without harming the environment. A company that seeks to both maintain the sustainable cycle of its production as well as being sensitive to the demands of its related communities.

Being managed by Ibemapar holding, there are 3,900 hectares of Pinus forests, located among the municipalities of Turvo, Prudentópolis, Guarapuava and Santa Maria do Oeste, in Paraná. The forest supplies part of its own pulp production which is supplemented by another part of the raw material purchased on the market.

The company keeps on investing in the development of seedling improvements, planting techniques and forest management. Forests are under constant monitoring carried out by a highly specialized team in order to develop them homogeneously and keep them away from pest attacks. In this regard, Ibema together with Embrapa developed a biological product of pest control, called Nematoide, sterilizing it which prevents its proliferation.

In addition, the organization respects the sustainable cycle that begins with the conscious forest management, certified production, printing factory, by the consumer who recycles and returns to the forest. The production process generates 17 thousand tons of recyclable waste per year and all of the water used in the facility is treated and goes to one of the two destinations: either it returns to the environment totally free of contaminants or it is reused.


At Ibema, work and nature are integrated. Natural resources are used with both awareness and balance among the environment, business and society, thus enabling resources for future generations. This responsible work precedes the concept of sustainable development. Since the beginning of the activities, there have been a balanced production with the use of renewable natural resources in order to reduce the generation of waste.

We substitute conventional energy for renewable energies, through PCH’s - Small Hydropower Plants energy that use the system of abstraction without flooding.
Our factory uses its own steam generation at the end of the paperboard production process. Steam is a renewable energy produced by the recovery of forest residues provided in the region, which are transformed into biomass in order to feed the boiler.

Our main raw material comes 100% from renewable forests, that is, reforestation logs that supply the production of mechanical pulp and biomass for paperboard production.

Hence, it is possible to affirm that our work is based on the principle of sustainable management, that is, an environmentally correct activity, that preserves the areas of rivers and lakes, springs and native forests.


The energy consumed in our factory located in Turvo - Paraná, is renewable and produced in two small hydroelectric power plants - PCH Cachoeira, with a production capacity of 2.92 MW, which uses Rio Cachoeira power and PCH Boa Vista, II that produces 8 MW and uses the waters of the Marrecas River, in Paraná. The capture does not cause any flooding on the surrounding lands.

Under the responsibility of Ibemapar, the small power plants have gotten self-sufficiency energy from the plant and provide the surplus product to the national electrical system.