Ibema Papelcartão - Paperboard A to Z - A world of possibilities

Paperboard A to Z - A world of possibilities

Handbook available for download (in Portuguese)

The objective of the handbook "Paperboard from A to Z - A world of possibilities" is to present the versatility and applications of the cardboard to packaging designers. Conceived and published by Ibema, the third largest Brazilian producer of raw materials and one of the main players in Latin America, the manual was released during the 12th edition of the ABRE Forum of Packaging and Innovation, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Packaging on the 21st of October, São Paulo.

The publication, coordinated by the Market Relations Executive and MA in Packaging Design by Michigan University, Fabiane Staschower, counts on the expertise of other specialists in the area. They are: Fabio Mestriner, Coordinating Professor at the Packaging Studies Center ESPM and author of the books "Advanced Packaging Design Course" and "Strategic Management of Packaging"; Sérgio Rossi Filho, Chemical Engineer, author of the books "Manual for problem-solving in offset printing", "Graphos – a glossary of technical terms on graphic communication" and "Finishing - binding and ennoblement of printed products"; the consultant for printing industry Reinaldo Almeida; and Joel Americano, Product Development Manager, Process Control and Quality Control Manager at Ibema.

"Designers need to be better acquainted with the features and specifications of paperboard, as well as the processes and graphic resources offered by manufacturers to get the most out of this type of packaging, both for the design itself and for the profit of their clients: the product manufacturers", says Fabio Mestriner, one of the co-authors of the handbook.

Fabiane, the project coordinator, explains that the publication seeks to provide technical information that will assist the professionals responsible for designing packaging. "We realized that developers have not yet figured the full potential of paperboard. Technical details such as formatting the files for output are also covered in the manual," she says. "Our intention was to produce something practical and, most importantly, useful".

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