Ibema Papelcartão -

Prêmio Ibema Gravura

The highest prize in Brazil focused on the art of engraving.

The Prêmio Ibema Gravura is the only and largest prize in Brazil for the art of engraving. Conceived and held by private enterprise, it aims to spread this ancient art and reveal great talents, aside from encouraging and promoting artists who are still in formation.

The Prize is aimed at university and visual arts schools students across the country and makes their artwork visible through participation and exhibition in the contest. After several editions, the award is now consolidated as an important learning experience, being part of the academic calendar of several universities throughout the country, contributing to the training and education of young artists.
This cultural event, created in 2001 by Ibema, draws attention to the beauty and importance of ancient techniques, that use paper as canvas ready to be filled with ideas and inspirations.

This is the cultural contribution from the industrial activity in which Ibema is inserted. For Ibema, it is a privilege to manufacture one of the first products used for the sharing of writing and millenary ideas. Paper is the instrument that provided means for the opening of society and the transmission of ideals, whether cultural, political or religious. It allowed us to encounter new ways of thinking, expectations and novelties. Today we are all inserted in a digital world, but it is in front of a blank piece of paper that the most fantastic inspirations come out.

Each year, the award offers visibility and national circulation for the 20 best selected artworks, analyzed and classified by a renowned jury body composed of engraving and graphic design specialists.

For more information access: www.premioibemagravura.com.br

"This is a great opportunity for students to show their talents and thus achieve national visibility using this art form, considered by many to be intense and to instigate the search of the artist’s inner knowledge. The artists who master the technique of engraving accelerates their development process in Art. Despite its apparent simplicity, engraving is complex, considered the symphonic orchestra of the visual arts."

Uiara Bartira
Plastic artist specialized in engraving, Ibema Consultant.