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The concern with all stages in the packaging production chain originated the Ibema Por Você program, a way to further guarantee the quality of our services.
We offer our clients technical and commercial training programs in collaboration with renowned graphic design and packaging consultants for guidance, professional development and problem-solving. They are prominent professionals in the market who work at the forefront of important institutes and educational centers.

Ibema Papelcartão - Consultoria Fábio Mestriner

Fábio Mestriner
Fabio Mestriner is an expert designer in Packaging Intelligence. His expertise lies in stimulating the creativity of Ibema’s clients and motivating them to innovate more and more in their businesses.

Ibema Papelcartão - Consultoria Sérgio Rossi Filho

Sérgio Rossi Filho
The program also counts on the skills of Sérgio Rossi Filho, a standout professional in the market. Rossi provides consulting services for prepress and printing processes.