Ibema Papelcartão - Social responsability
Image: Creche Semente do Amanhã located at Residencial Villa Bella - Unidade Fabril Ibema in Turvo - Paraná State

Social responsability

The Social Responsibility area is located at Ibema Community Center in Turvo. It was created in May 2005 with the purpose of developing social actions aimed at employees, dependents and other people who are part of the community around the factory.

Since 2014, there has been some efforts in order to strengthen the actions of Social Responsibility, focusing on the concept of social management and citizenship, rather than assistence. The difference is in the stimulus and commitment for the people’s emancipation and empowerment who take part in the actions.

It operates in four social areas: social and volunteer action, professional qualification, environmental education, culture and leisure, with emphasis on sustainable projects and actions. It seeks articulation and partnership with different institutions focused on the area of social assistance, human and community development, aiming to collaborate for the social, economic and cultural growth of the community where the company is inserted.

Currently, Ibema’s factory in Turvo is the largest local employer. The surrounding community, called Residencial Villa Bella, brings together more than four thousand people who have been provided by light and water infrastructure along with kindergartens, municipal and state schools, Soripel Association, health and community center, church, supermarkets, pharmacies and clothing store. The evolution of the company brought up people from other regions that now populate other adjacent villages and contribute to the Human Development Index (HDI) increasing.

Periodically, the industry promotes socio-environmental education programs, such as traffic education and the use of motorcycles, recycling projects and selective collection, among others. Activities such as craft workshops are also held; professions and producer’s fair, professional courses as well as lectures on topics such as women’s health and the pro-young event, aimed at adolescents between 14 and 17 years.

Social Responsibility actions are extended to the other units of the company as well, promoting clothing campaigns, blood donation incentive, volunteer incentive, Pink October and Blue November awareness and the Cultural Club Ibema.

SESI ODS achievement

With IbemArte Sustentável project, Ibema won SESI ODS seal in October 2017, which recognizes and disseminates practices of institutions in Paraná State committed to the objectives of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda established by the United Nations in 2015.

IbemArte is directly involved with 2 of the 17 Sustainable Development objectives: ODS 5, related to the empowerment of women, and ODS 8, which aims at inclusive and sustained economic growth, full employment and decent work for all.

Ibema Papelcartão - Selo SESI ODS Ibema Papelcartão - Selo SESI ODS Ibema Papelcartão - Selo SESI ODS

Project IbemArte

This project assists the economy of Turvo community through artisan and cultural activities. It identifies waste from the industry that can be used in the creation of handicraft pieces.

All products are designed by artisans who live close to Turvo factory. They transform discarded banners into resistent and sustainable ecobags, paper tapes used in the cutting machine that receive a unique waterproofing treatment being used in the elaboration of baskets, boxes, pencil holders, trays, picture frames, among other objects.

IbemArte items have already adorned important customer events, internal events and employee birthdays. Currently, the items are manufactured and marketed in the region of Turvo. They can be ordered in other company units by employees and customers.