Ibema Papelcartão - Technical Support

Technical Support

Looking to keep its customers up to date about Ibema and the processes involving the uses of paperboard, the company keeps a group of specialists available to provide technical support services. Our professionals provide customers with details on printing procedures and how they can be implemented in each business.

Ibema’s technical support ensures final product excellence. The open doors of our plant allow customers to become familiar with all stages of production and to learn about the paperboard production chain. At the same time, we endeavor to understand the needs and specificities of each customer – through periodic visits – aiming to offer creative solutions for each case.

Customer service:

  • Luciano Barbosa Silveira (Assistente Técnico)
  • Phone: +55 (11) 99658-3965
  • Email: luciano.silveira@ibema.com.br

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