publicado em 02/02/2022 13:30

3 paper market trends in 2022

3 paper market trends in 2022 Technology expands packaging, design, printing and recycling options

Anyone who thinks that paper is a thing of the past is wrong. In fact, technology has expanded our communication, but it is the good and useful paperboard that protects food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines and all products that need safe, beautiful and practical packaging. Attention, packaging is one of the main steps for the success of a product and requires innovation and a look to the future. So, get to know the trends that will be present on the shelves and stores throughout 2022:

Use of new technological resources will expand recycling

To help companies comply with the National Solid Waste Policy, some technological resources have emerged capable of monitoring the paper chain throughout the reverse logistics cycle. One of them is blockchain applied to controlling the amounts of scraps taken from society and effectively delivered back to the paper industry.

“We see a trend towards greater use of recycled paper with post-consumer content”, assesses the corporate manager of R&D and New Business at Ibema, Augusto Arns. For him, there is also a wave of packaging optimization in motion with improvements in paperboard, which is good news for the consumer and also for the printing industry. Some examples are the use of Ibema Supera White and Ibema Naturale, two cardboards that lead the global ranking of rigidity.

Throughout 2020, the paper recycling rate in Brazil rose from 66% to 70%, according to the Ibá yearbook, which also attests: paper in Brazil is made only from cultivated trees, which remove CO2 from the atmosphere and reduce the effects of climate change.

Packaging gains paper with more product protection capacity

Consumers value practical packaging at a reduced cost, so increasing packaging rigidity while maintaining the same cost-effectiveness is one of the priorities. This involves both improvements to existing cards and research for new releases.

Greater paper printability brings more choice for designers and printers

When a product is sent by mail, the consumer has two options: satisfaction or frustration. The “Frustration-Free Packaging” (FFP) contains guarantees of item safety, but also smart design to take advantage of the numerous printing possibilities that paperboard brings. According to Anap (Associação Nacional dos Papel Aparistas), paper packaging protects products and reduces waste in Brazil.