publicado em 09/12/2021 17:00

Doll packaging turns into a creative solution with cardboard

Doll packaging turns into a creative solution with cardboard Children who receive the Baby Reborn Doll, from Malki Toys, get a second toy: the packaging itself becomes a little house.

It's gratifying when we find printers and other companies that are able to get the most out of the attributes of our product. Transforming Supera White into an experience for a child is the tangibility of our purpose to pack dreams and pack the future. Brands that manage to transform their packaging into a tool for advertising and communication or interactivity with the public come out ahead. That's why we launched Supera White”, says Ibema's Strategy and Marketing manager, Diego Gracia.

With double coating, high-performance bleached cellulose fiber, the versatility of the packaging makes it even a gift box. In addition to the high performance of paperboard, it has the whiteness that guarantees printability, with a uniform surface that enhances machine performance.

Experienced in the search for packaging solutions, Midiograf, based in Londrina (PR), knew how to make the best use of these characteristics, with thematic prints of a dollhouse and even a face with the playful presentation of the product. “The packaging also gained a yellow handle that transforms it into a bag, very much in line with contemporary sustainability thinking, as it eliminates plastics, packaging paper or even a second gift box. The transport of the product thus becomes safe, fun and attractive”, explains Nivaldo Benvenho, director of Midiograf.

The  Baby Reborn Doll is imported from China and sold under the Malki Toys brand. With the pandemic and the lack of boxes in which it was packed, the opportunity arose to create an even better packaging. “That's how we contacted Midiograf, with an accurate briefing that was promptly received and attended to. Our need was to develop a new packaging for the product that would help us save on gift wrapping and bags – and that, at the same time, would delight the customer and the children”, says Matheus Almeida, director of Malki Toys.

From the detailed briefing, Midiograf developed the packaging with high sides, representing the walls of the house, and the lid was very well designed in the shape of a roof, also gaining a striking design and print. “With all the characteristics that the Ibema Supera White paperboard conferred to the packaging, added to Midiograf's exquisite design and execution, the Baby Reborn doll became more attractive and flashy, which brought market and sales gains. There was also savings on gift paper and plastic bags for points of sale, which increases the sympathy for the product on the part of shopkeepers and consumers”, says Gracia.

“With this savings in gift packaging, we were able to associate the Malik brand with sustainability, with the absence of plastics and a strong presence of paperboard in its most rigid form. Our innovative packaging became part of the product, became part of the game at children's homes and brought countless other possibilities for use”, says Benvenho.

Another positive result was the optimization of time to pack the product, because, with the new box developed, it is possible to pack the doll in less than a minute - which previously required 4 to 5 minutes, between placing the product in the old box, add the gift wrapping, the bow and the protective plastic bag.