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 ESG in industry calls for study of clear objectives

ESG in industry calls for study of clear objectives

In a paper industry, we have a lot of synergy with issues related to the environment. The reduction of water consumption and energy efficiency, the management of effluents and waste focusing on the goal of zero landfill, the consumption of gas - all of these are monitored indicators to guarantee actions that are increasingly connected to the needs of the planet and the development of packaging sustainable. But we know that ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) indicators go well beyond that. The theme of sustainability is extremely comprehensive - it enters into the company's finances, in all its relations with society, which are not few, and ends up in governance. The secret to investing in sustainability globally, in all its aspects, is to put aside old thoughts, all laziness to change and thoroughly analyze our mistakes and successes - and here you have to be realistic and have a lot of courage. At Ibema, which recently assumed its role as a protagonist in the global packaging market after a long consultancy on alignment of purpose, we now proceed with an in-depth analysis of ESG issues. To do this, it is necessary to rethink the entire economy behind manufacturing activities. The gains from performing this true x-ray include not only profitability, but also rewards linked to reputation, customer loyalty and retention of trained employees. In the environmental area, the commitment to continuous improvement at Ibema is carried out through the management of solid waste generated at the Embu das Artes (SP) and Turvo (PR) units. We seek to direct actions to reduce the generation of this waste at the source, and seek sustainable alternatives such as recycling, co-processing and composting at the final destination of the waste. As a result, we were able to achieve the Aterro Zero brand at the Embu das Artes plant, where all the waste generated is destined considering reuse alternatives, and no waste is sent to industrial landfills. We work with the same objective of Aterro Zero in our Turvo plant. In addition, this unit performs the debarking of wood, and what is not used is reused as fuel in the boiler, powered by biomass for steam generation. Sustainability at all levels has gained a new look among us throughout this pandemic, with the formation of a specific group of studies and consultations with stakeholders. By knowing exactly where it is, the company is able to identify exactly where it wants to go. The objective must be clear. The advantage is that the strong brand gains in sustainability, due to the research carried out in favor of better products and processes, and other factors such as the use of own SHPs that supply our unit in Paraná. An in-depth analysis also includes the inventory of greenhouse gases and, very importantly, putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and the end-user, understanding the pains of the market. Above all, a strategic view of the importance of sustainability is necessary as something important for the business. * Andrea Pegorini is a chemical engineer and manager of Quality, Environment and Management Systems at Ibema Papelcartão

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