publicado em 09/02/2022 09:38

Future Professional Internship Program in Industry

Future Professional Internship Program in Industry Students arrive at Ibema to integrate projects from different sectors

In search of experiences in the world of paperboard and knowledge about the processes involved in the production of packaging, in February, 15 students will start activities in the Ibema Internship Program, whose objective is to train professionals both for the industrial areas and for the areas corporate.

The program will have a development path throughout the year, so that the student evolves through training and development meetings, as well as immersion in the company's culture and business themes, in addition to a close monitoring of the Human Resources area and the direct managers.

The areas for the allocation of new interns at Ibema are diverse, such as Environmental, Maintenance, Industrial Processes, Marketing, ESG, Finance, R&D, Logistics, Supplies, IT and HR. About 70% of the time is dedicated to day-to-day activities in the allocation area and the remaining 30% will be dedicated to the development of a project together with the leadership.

“For the selection of these projects, which will bring practical results and are connected with the company's strategic drivers, issues such as cost reduction opportunities, process improvements and the implementation of new solutions were prioritized”, highlights Marilise de Oliveira, specialist in attraction and Ibema talent selection.

Bachelor's or Licentiate students, from the third period onwards, participate in courses in Business areas, such as Engineering, Administration, Marketing, among others. The work will be face-to-face or remote, according to the work regime of each Ibema unit, following all security protocols. The students and projects are distributed in the factories in Embu das Artes-SP and Turvo-PR, and also in the Administrative Center in Curitiba-PR.