publicado em 18/05/2021 11:30

Ibema innovates and implements SAP solution in the cloud

Ibema innovates and implements SAP solution in the cloud Investment in technology encompasses infrastructure, services and upgrades, with a focus on security and competitiveness

With its eyes on innovation, Ibema starts implementing the SAP S / 4HANA in cloud system in April. With this investment, the company raises its level of management control and compliance to the highest level of security and reliability.

According to Ibema's CEO, Nilton Saraiva, the initiative is in line with the company's new positioning, which prioritizes innovation and technology. “We look for solutions that make the job easier and improve the shopping experience of our customers in the context of Industry 4.0. SAP presented us with a complete solution, which gives us a more assertive data analysis and enhances the company's value in the market ”, says the executive.

With kick off scheduled for April 5, the implementation of all SAP S / 4HANA modules in the cloud is expected to take eight months, with go live scheduled for the beginning of 2022. Information related to sales, supplies, controllership, production, warehousing and logistics will now be stored in the cloud. The entire implementation will be carried out by a global company that is a reference in this service.

The solution's differential lies precisely in its use in private cloud, that is, in the use of “as a service” software, which includes infrastructure, services and upgrades in Ibema's exclusive and private cloud. In addition, the technology allows to optimize the physical space, reduce costs, improve scalability, in addition to offering an analytical view of the data. “We no longer have to worry about purchasing or maintaining servers or managing multiple IT vendors, as everything will be securely stored in the cloud. This allows us to focus on our core business and our competitiveness ”, explains William Bauer, CFO at Ibema.

With the migration, all operational processes (ranging from the purchase of inputs, transformation and the sale of the finished product) and back office routines will be centralized and safe. Specialist software will also be integrated into the new system.

About SAP S / 4HANA

Launched in 2015, SAP S / 4HANA brings operational efficiency, by simplifying processes, promoting reliability and an analytical view of information. The result is greater control of the business. With this solution, the German giant brought simplification, more efficiency and innovative features, such as planning and simulation options in several conventional transactions.

The platform gives users active support for making decisions in real time, based on data from internal and external sources.

“The adoption of SAP S / 4HANA cloud offers flexibility and agility for customers to adopt digital ERP as the basis for their digital transformation processes. The project in such a traditional industry for Brazil is a demonstration of how companies are streamlining business modernization to gain competitive advantage ”, explains Mario Tiellet, vice president of General Business at SAP Brazil.