publicado em 07/07/2021 17:30

Ibema invests in sustainable reporting to foster ESG culture

Ibema invests in sustainable reporting to foster ESG culture Ibema invests in sustainable reporting to foster ESG culture In addition to the environment, which has always been a highlight in the company's operations, social and governance aspects are priorities

The management of water, waste and effluents, in addition to the optimal management of all resources, have always been a priority at Ibema. Not by chance, the company has just become 100% Landfill Zero. But how to quantify all this through measurable indicators?

In line with what is most advanced in the market, Ibema created a task force to produce its first sustainable report along the lines of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). It is a robust document, with information on the company's impacts on social, environmental, economic and governance issues, capable of directing goals and opportunities.

“Ibema is attentive to everything that involves the ESG theme, not only within the scope of its operations, but also beyond its gates”, explains Ibema's financial manager, Débora Botini, who leads the GRI committee alongside the manager of SGI, Quality and Environment, Andrea Pegorini.

The company's directors and leaders from different areas are part of the committee, in order to ensure engagement. The first report, which is based on the year 2020, will be internal, in order to strengthen the alignment on the issues of the company's strategy.

“We understand that this will be the first step to consolidate our performance so far and foster the ESG culture. We want to be a reference in these three pillars both for brand owners and for the entire society and market in which we operate”, explains Débora.

Support in the construction of the document came from the Visão Sustentável consultancy and the forecast is to have the final version within three months.