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Ibema is among the 100 largest corporations in Paraná

Ibema is among the 100 largest corporations in Paraná

Ibema, one of the leading companies in the global packaging market, is included in the ranking of the 100 Largest Public Limited Companies in Paraná, released by Diário Indústria & Comércio at the end of February.

The paperboard manufacturer occupies the 51st position, a feat that demonstrates its continuous search for product improvements and cutting-edge research, Digital Transformation and greater agility in all internal processes, which have made the company increasingly attractive to the market and to new employees .

All of this culminated in a change in purpose and positioning at the end of 2020: Ibema today is a packaging company passionate about developing smart and quality solutions, created in partnership with brand owners, graphics and distributors, to generate value for the final consumer.

With heavy investments in research, Ibema takes a leading role based on the new needs of the consumer in terms of packaging, and also on the urgency of measures in favor of sustainability and the circular economy.

That is why it invests in new products, new resins to act as a protective barrier on paper, post-consumer products and even better internal processes - all of which reflects the company's growth and improvements in the product portfolio.

“We want to impact our customers not only as suppliers of paperboard. This is a profound change in the way we operate. The world needs packaging connected with its new needs and, above all, with the planet. We can't just look. We broaden our purpose so that we can have a more positive impact on the world and its business ”, explains the CEO, Nilton Saraiva.

With all these improvements, Ibema is shaping the future of the global packaging market and courageously assuming its leadership role, both in the search for better products and at the forefront of sustainability. 

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