publicado em 19/02/2021 09:59

Industries must start digital transformation as soon as possible

We live in an increasingly digital society, and this digitalization has transformed industries. To stay competitive and alive, everyone will need to join this journey sooner or later - the best, of course, is to be as soon as possible.

A company's digital maturity can contribute to greater growth and success, but digitally transforming a company implies facing several challenges.

You need to activate value through strong collaboration between business and technology. And it is not enough to choose cutting-edge technologies thinking that they are the modern solution to any type of problem: the secret to making digital transformation viable is in the balance between human, technical and business factors, discovering where the combination of these factors meets the common area between what is feasible, desirable and doable for the organization.

Companies that begin a journey of digital transformation change the way they think and act: they encourage autonomy and collaboration, continuous learning, the improvement of work processes and the development of digital skills in the organization. They also seek to connect with their customers by making personalized and valuable deliveries.

The digital transformation also contributes to the improvement of the company's entire information flow, positively reaching employees, suppliers, products and customers.

Here I would like to give you some advice: don't worry about how long and difficult the journey will be. Make sure to start it as soon as possible and perseveringly, and endeavor to continue it. Know that the secret is not to walk this path alone, but accompanied by all employees, customers and suppliers of your business.

At Ibema, we use technology to optimize operations and businesses, engage customers, empower employees and transform products and services - that's why I advocate a comprehensive transformation that brings a change of mindset throughout the company and, why not, externally as well.

With a campaign of ideas for digital transformation, we received more than 120 suggestions for improvements, among which three were awarded. We now intend to detail and implement these ideas, as well as consider all others in a portfolio for future developments.

A good way to start is to create a specific squad for Digital Transformation, which integrates professionals from various areas, with diverse backgrounds, in order to interact with all employees in the search for ideas that bring significant gains for the entire relationship chain of the company , whether financial or qualitative.

Here at Ibema we already have our digital transformation squad, among many others, which aims to assist in structuring the company's Digital Transformation journey.

It takes an entire village to effectively change a culture. Let's go together?

* Adriana Klemann Rohweder has a master's in Administration and Logistics, a degree in Computer Science and an IT, Project and Risk manager at Ibema.