publicado em 22/09/2022 11:00

Industry partnerships with startups amplify environmental benefit of circular economy

Industry partnerships with startups amplify environmental benefit of circular economy

After the success of high-performance paper composed of 50% recycled material, 30% of which comes from discarded packaging, Ritagli, Ibema now expands its potential for collecting waste. With that, the environment gains and the families who depend on this income to live gain.

“Our product has already established itself in the market, as it has high performance and serves several sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and retail in general. And to increase the scope of this project, we have partnered with startups and major brands that allow us to enhance contact with the sources of this waste and rescue it with agility”, explains Ibema's Environment manager, Andrea Pegorini Lacerda.

Through an intelligent supply chain and partners that allow the circular economy to be put into practice, there were 2,600 tons of post-consumer recycled material in 2021, and the forecast for 2022 is even higher, due to production changes , and can reach up to 5 thousand tons. The calculation includes post-consumer cardboard, paper and corrugated scraps that would go to waste, as they have already served their purpose.

To reach this amount, Ibema has partnered with startups, which creatively develop ways to capture what would go to waste and take it back to the factory in a traceable way – the true circular economy that packs the future and generates income. for countless families.

Other initiatives are also going from strength to strength. Soon, the company will open a container at its plant in Embu das Artes (SP), where the population will be able to exchange glass and paper packaging for money. The Industry Price project has total synergy with the place where it is located, which is one of the keys for recycling to work.