publicado em 08/08/2021 18:30

Paper packaging brings fun and information for food preparation

Paper packaging brings fun and information for food preparation Get to know the Burger Kit that printed a way of preparation on the inner lid of the box and promotes union in the kitchen

In the age of the consumption experience, even a simple family meal takes on the shape of an event – even more so if the food is prepared together. It was with this in mind that the Carne Code, from Londrina (PR), decided to pack its hamburger kit (bread, meat, bacon and cheese) in a special, robust and printed box for the best communication with the customer. The icing on the cake is the print on the inside of the lid, with fun instructions for preparation and the QR code for watching a video tutorial.

The action began with the definition of the material for the box, which needed to offer resistance to the transport of the various items that make up the kit and food safety. “This is a great case of how to differentiate your product and brand through packaging”, explains the Strategy and Marketing Manager at Ibema, Diego Gracia. “It communicates with the end customer and generates experience. Cartonboard, specifically our Supera White, has this characteristic: it allows the brand to use all sides for printing and promote the product, in addition to being a sustainable solution from renewable and biodegradable sources. It is perfectly in line with what the consumer expects.”

The most striking is the possibility of playful opening, which became the target of organic media: many users posted videos of the opening of the box. In addition to this public empathy factor, the hamburger ingredient box allows for easy transport and storage.

“The packaging maintains the right temperature for the time necessary and with good resistance for what it is transporting – in addition, the colored printing arouses joy among those who consume the product”, explains the partner-owner of the Meat Code, Gabriel Galindo. "People were more curious to know the product, and the children are super happy to have the Burger Meat Code kit."

Thinking about sustainability, the box is still 40% less weight than the paper boxes used previously. In its manufacture and printing, the Midiograf group sought to combine creativity with the best quality materials available. “In addition to the kit praising the end customer, the quality of the inputs used confirms the value of the product as a whole”, highlights the Marketing Director of Midiograf, Gustavo Tasca Benvenho.