publicado em 06/02/2023 15:50

Recycling is synonymous of transformation and opportunity.

Recycling is synonymous of transformation and opportunity.

After going through an experience as an app driver, Marcelo Carvalho saw recycling as a way to bring food to the table and keep his bills up to date. As a collector of recyclables, he managed not only to increase his family income but also to acquire a truck to optimize his work.

Marcelo is one of the collectors of recyclables registered in the Estaçãopreço de Fábrica project, an initiative by Ibema that collects and sends paperboard, cardboard and glass waste to recycling. And because it understands the importance of the income generated by recyclables for many Brazilian families, Estaçãopreço de Fábrica pays fair amounts for waste, in accordance with what is practiced by the market.

Get to know Marcelo's story and the details of the project in the report on the Bom Dia São Paulo newscast: