publicado em 12/05/2022 10:50

Sliding box turns sushi into 'jewel' and increases Koi Premium sales

Sliding box turns sushi into 'jewel' and increases Koi Premium sales Can you imagine receiving your sushi, whether at the restaurant or at home, in a sliding box with a golden interior? This was the sensation sought by Koi Premium, from Londrina (PR), transforming its flagship into a 'jewel'.

According to Franciella Sachi Malaassise, managing partner of Koi Premium, isolation required the creation of a package that would bring coziness to the customer, even at home and in the restaurant. 'To make the product unforgettable: that was the direction the graphic design sector had when creating this packaging. For this, we integrate elements of the ability to choose, in addition to making it unique and fancy'. She explains.

The Ibema Supera card in the version 295 gram is ideal for transport, high resistance, which leveraged the print for a decorative paper for a paper designer. 'With each partnership, we analyze the right paper for the client, thinking at the same time of high printability and yield for the printers and consumer safety', explains Ibema's marketing and strategy manager, Diego Gracia.

The box with a sliding lid to avoid waste, optimize space occupation and facilitate the transport, use and distribution of the product. With different sizes of perfect sushi conditioning, the box maintains the temperature and is protected until the product reaches the consumer, for a pleasant and sensorial meal.

'The packaging format was designed to reinforce the restaurant's identity. In other words, provide the feeling of being in a pleasant environment and the best of Japanese cuisine. After all, knowing how the good appearance of the packaging impacts the basic graphics on the consumer experience, contact the marketing director of Midiograf, Gustavo Tasca Benvenho.

'We managed to combine the elegant design with the necessary food safety. We emphasize the customer's delivery experience, making them feel elegantly in our restaurant, even without leaving home', celebrates Franciella.