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Startups find solutions to increase stationery efficiency

Startups find solutions to increase stationery efficiency Using the Open Innovation concept, Ibema implements process improvements in partnership with the BRDE Labs program and PUC-PR's Hotmilk hub

The entrepreneurial mindset of the future involves cooperation – and the future is here. With this in mind, Ibema was one of the choices in the BRDE Labs project to diagnose possible production improvements and seek solutions through open innovation, with the support of startups from Paraná. The process is part of a Digital Transformation project of the company, which has paperboard factories in Turvo (PR) and Embu das Artes (SP), in addition to an office and distribution center in the region of Curitiba (PR).

“Open opening involves a reduction in savings, without an industrial secrecy mentality, and brings great synergy between established and start-up companies. Everyone leaves”, explains Débora Botini, manager of Ibema, who mediated the definition of challenges to be launched within the scope of the program.

Throughout 2021, BRDE Labs, in partnership with the Hotmilk startup hub, from PUC-PR, with an opportunity in the region for research and development challenges in technology that can be met by startups, in order to bring gains for all gains .

After joining, Ibema follows the knowledge trail and, finally, the definition of innovation strategies. “We wanted everyone involved to understand the essence of the challenge, to approach the best way and engage in its implementation”, says Danilo Torres, IT manager at Ibema.

Information technology for the fastest-growing area in the open innovation process. The need to create an internal IT service center for Ibema was identified, and an AgiDesk startup was selected to find the solution. “They activate a platform that displays the indicators and centralizes the company's demands, with strategic reports for decision-making, with permission to focus where necessary. At the end of the day, we have a more organized and productive time and our internal customer is better served.” The company was hired in December to implement the central

Two other startups are being Ibema for a possible partnership with. Logreversa is a reverse logistics solution using blockchain to process recyclable materials, collect them and deliver them to Ibema. “Our greatest difficulty, and that of the circular economy as a whole, is a large enough volume to enable a logistics structure. Technology can certainly help with this challenge.”

Finally, IDK Digital addresses a challenge in the area of occupational safety, whereby a configuration of sensors is configured on the helmet or vest of employees who circulate in risk areas to prevent accidents at work.

“The approach of the industry to resolution institutions and startups is essential to generate mutual education partnerships”, concludes Débora.

About the BRDE Labs program

In 2021 alone, in Paraná, the BRDE Labs program had 177 startups registered. Eighteen of them treated by the pre-acceleration phase and nine by the pre-acceleration phase. In 2022, the theme will be ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance